Publication in peer-reviewed journal

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Submitted papers

1. Bargain O. and Boutin D., Minimum Age Regulation and Child Labor: New Evidence from Brazil, In revision for World Bank Economic ReviewLast version here.

2. Bargain O., Boutin D. and Champeaux H., “Women Political Participation and Intra-Household Empowerment: Evidence from the Egyptian Arab Spring”, Submitted. Last version here.

3. Bargain O. and Boutin D., Does child labour hurt parents? Evidence from Subjective Data, (previous version circulated under the tile: Heterogeneity in “Preferences” for Child Labor: Evidence from Subjective Data). Submitted. Last version here.

On-going work

1. Boutin D. “Silent exit: Street protests and Migration Intentions”, Last version here.

2. Boutin D. Individual return to internal migrationstill not ready for circulation.

3. Boutin D. and Sirven, N., Uncertainty and intra-household labour allocation: what can we learn from climate changestill not ready for circulation.

Non-academic reports and scientific popularization articles

1. Boutin D., Caldeira E. and Renard M.F. (2015), “Les pays en développement: quelles politiques, quelles trajectoires ?“, Problèmes Economiques, Comprendre l’économie-2.Questions économiques contemporaines, Hors-série n°8, Octobre 2015.

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Book Chapter

1.  Boutin D. (2018), “Human Capital of Koranic students in the Dakar region”, Jerôme Ballet (Editor) and Augendra Bhukuth (Editor), Palgrave Macmillan edictions.

2. Boutin D. (2013), Child soldiering in Afghanistan in Children in Afghanistan: a path to peaceJennifer Heath (Editor), Ashraf Zahedi (Editor), University of Texas Press.